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Search BMW Inventory Nationwide.


Finally, you can search BMW inventory nationwide. I’m super excited to bring you the most comprehensive and largest BMW inventory search available online. My mission is to bring to you all the BMW’s for sale in the United States so you can find your perfect BMW fast. BMW North America in the United States currently has 364 authorized retail stores with an average national inventory of around 100,000 BMW’s. This number includes all the New BMW’s for sale, certified BMW’s and used BMW’s from their respective locations.

Besides bringing all of these BMW’s together in one place, there are approximately 11,000 more dealers that have a few BMW’s for sale on their lot’s, and I’m working with them to add their BMW inventory as well. These Dealers usually add another 30,000 BMW’s. If your perfect BMW is for sale, I’m working hard to make sure it is on for you to find easily.

What makes different is I look at each BMW individually and decode the original equipment from when it was new. Ultimately providing you a high accuracy of the correct colors, upholstery’s, packages and options so you can discern right away if it is the perfect BMW for you.

The Problem:

  1. 364 Authorized BMW Retail Stores in the United States with no ability to search all BMW
  2. 11,245 other dealerships with BMW’s for sale, again not combined into a single source
  3. BMW’s listed for sale incorrectly listed, with wrong colors, transmissions, or options
  4. No online classified search engine combines all BMW’s for sale in a single site
  5. Difficulty in finding the perfect BMW

The Proposed Solution:
Search BMW inventory nationwide all conveniently with factory descriptions of colors and equipment.

As you explore the site, let me know in the comments below what other information you would find valuable as you search for your perfect BMW.

In conclusion, leverage my 12 years experience by using this site, and it will save you time and money.

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