How did Bimcar start?

Jason Harrison, Founder & CEO, Bimcar
Jason Harrison, Founder & CEO, Bimcar

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan the “Motor City” so you can say cars are in my blood. I also enjoy helping others reach their goals. With these passions, I’ve had some great experiences in my car career over the past 12 years. My favorite is when I was a car salesman and an elderly gentleman named Tom came into the dealership. He expressed a desire to own a red sports car. This was an unusual request as Tom’s age, and mobility was showing he would have some difficulty getting in and out of any kind of sport’s car.

As I came to know Tom and helped him find the right one I learned that he was there at the dealership to make good on his promise to his wife, Gloria. He had promised her a red sports car 40 years earlier. Tom confided in me that she had dementia and had a hard time remembering one day from the next, but could still remember the good times from years earlier. She remembered that promise.

The look of surprise and excitement on Gloria’s face as she was presented with her red sports car was priceless. They were so happy! I’ll always remember how good I felt to witness the deep love and care they shared with each other. It was a treasured experience.

I built to help more people find the right vehicle (BMW) by leveraging my years of experience and expertise with the brand. I look forward to helping you in your search to find the right BMW.

My BMW Experience

My BMW experience

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