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What is Bimcar?

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Bimcar is the largest online classified search for BMW. It allows you to search BMW inventory for the entire United States. Not only can you search BMW nationwide, but you can search by specific BMW colors, upholsteries, transmission, packages, and options. It makes finding your perfect BMW quick and fun.

Bimcar provides information similar to what the dealerships use to price and compare their inventories. Find the lowest price or the biggest discount. See the data as proof and have confidence in your purchase.

Bimcar is different because we take the time to look at and decipher every option available on each BMW for sale and then put that in a fast and searchable database so you can find the best price and/or the BMW of your dreams!

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How Does It Work?

  • Each day we search BMW nationwide for BMW’s for sale and bring them all into one site.
  • We then look at each BMW for sale and verify the original equipment and make sure it is listed clearly.
  • Assemble the verified equipment with each BMW and make it fast and searchable.
  • Allowing you to compare row by row or side by side equally equipped cars so that you can see the difference for yourself and find substantial savings.
  • We are constantly adding other dealerships across the country with their used BMW inventories making this the most complete and fastest way to find that special BMW you are looking for.

We are here to help you find the BMW of your dreams, at the lowest price.

Disclaimer: is in no way affiliated with BMW North America